Climate Protection:
our Responsibility

Many things in life impact the climate. The manufacture of products consumes energy. This energy is partly generated from fossil fuels, which produce carbon dioxide, or CO2. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that increases the greenhouse effect when it enters the atmosphere, contributing to global warming and thus to climate change. Therefore, it is essential to reduce carbon emissions and to capture the carbon that is already present in the atmosphere.

Initial achievements: energy management
and green electricity

The energy management system at our plants in Saarlouis and Saarwellingen has been instrumental in our sustained effort to consume less energy. Much of the energy needed to run our Edle Tropfen in Nuss plants is generated by an efficient combined heat and power system, and the rest is covered by purchasing 100% green electricity.

Our goal: climate-neutral production, a climate-neutral product, and a climate-neutral company

The next goal we want to achieve in the production of our Edle Tropfen in Nuss is climate neutrality. To accomplish this, we must further reduce our CO2 emissions and offset the remaining emissions. This is a very complex task, as all processes are closely interconnected. We are already working toward this goal.